Books by Louise Penny in order | Armand Gamache Books in order

As of 2021, there are 17 books in total and mainly 16 books are in the Armand Gamache series. Armand Gamache is a mystery novel series wrote by Louise Penny. The series involves the character Armand Gamache who lives in Quebec, Canada.

While reading series like Armand Gamache, it’s really important to maintain order. So, let’s get started with Books by Louise Penny in order…

Louise Penny Armand Gamache Books in Order:

Louise Penny Biography:

Books by Louise Penny in order,Armand Gamache Books in order

Louise Penny is a Canadian author. She is a best seller author of the mystery novel named Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. She maintained an 18-year career in Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

At the start of this 18-year career journey, Louise had to work at places far from her family. This isolation made Louise alcoholic and she started taking alcohol. And eventually, she found herself in hospital. Afterward, she met her husband at Montreal Children’s hospital and got married.

Louise penny knew she wanted to be a writer from her childhood. But she actually did not start writing until she was 46. Her first book was Still life. The book was rejected a lot of times by the publishers. Still, Life was later got into production and turned into a film named “Still Life”(2013).

“Still Life” was the first book of the Armand Gamache series. After “Still Life” Louise penny kept writing more. Since then, from 2005 to 2020 she has written books every single year for the Armand Gamache series.

FAQ of Louise Penny Books

Where should I start with Louise Penny?
– You start with “Still Life”(2005) and should follow the series thereby.
What is the last book written by Louise Penny?
– All the Devils Are Here(2020) is the last book written by Louise Penny.
What kind of books does Louise Penny write?
– Mystery fiction
How old is Louise Penny?
– 62(as of January 2021)
Where does Louise Penny live?
– Knowlton, which is a town in Quebec, Canada.
How many books has Louise Penny written in the Armand Gamache series?
– 16 books.
What is Louise Penny’s latest book?
– All the Devils Are Here(2020)

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