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There are many good books with dragons as main characters. But what are the best books featuring dragons? In this list, I will be sharing some of my favorite books/series based on dungeons and dragons with you. You will surely find some of your own favorite dragon stories from the list below.

Books with Dragons as Protagonist / Main Characters:

10. The Age of Fire series by E.E. Knight

A horde of dragons was born on a high mountain, deep in a secure cave. Four young individuals, some of the last endangered breed, are the dragon’s last hope for survival. But expectations were shattered as vicious gangs of dwarf slave workers stormed the caves, leaving a trail of death and ruin in their wake.
Only Auron, a vulnerable gray dragon, manages to flee. He goes out to find his kind, armed only with his claws and an unyielding resolve to survive. But, in order to discover more dragons, or at least figure out who is murdering them, Auron must go through mercenary elves, violent humans, and other hazards. Auron is about to go on an adventure of a lifetime, searching for a partner in the most unlikely locations and discovering himself along the way.

9. Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey

The traditional way of life in the beautiful world of Pern is about to be threatened by a myth that is far too realistic. Lessa is an abandoned survivor whose parents are murdered, and her birthright is taken away. She is a tough young lady who dreams of justice.
When the ancient danger to Pern pops up, Lessa will ride on the back of a massive telepathically bound dragon, putting her closer than any other human. Pern will be eternally changed as a result of the Dragon and Rider’s flight.

8. (The Dragon Keeper) Rainwild Chronicle by Robin Hobb

The Dragon Keeper is the first volume in Robin Hobb’s Rain Wilds Chronicles series. It is set chronologically after the events described in the Liveship Traders books. Dragon Keeper is a magnificent adventure. You will surely enjoy the character development and interactions in the book.

7. One Good Dragon Deserves Another by Rachel Aaron

It’s the second book of Heartstrikers book series also featuring dragon as the main character. You can skip the first book of the series as the author has given much information to follow the plot.

The story is about Julius and Marci and Ghost, Bethesda and Chelsie, Bob and the pigeon and Amelia, Ian and Svena, Justin and Conrad, and a bunch of other exciting characters continue at an incredible pace. The plot is great, with a whole lot of twists and turns.

6. Heartstone Series By Elle Katharine White

Yes, there is a bit of pride and prejudice in this story. But it’s a genuinely unusual and one-of-a-kind world full of fascinating animals and characters who tell a tale. In addition, I like the hints of tried-and-true imagery skillfully depicted in Austen’s beloved masterpieces.
We can all empathize with the topic of judgment and the necessity to be humble enough to confess that you are incorrect about the other person before knowing the entire story. However, in this regency world, the combination of extraordinary animals makes for a wonderful and fascinating story. I was astounded by how fast he jumped into history and felt emotions with Aliza. I fell in love with the characters and was thrilled to see them overcome their obstacles.

5. The Dragon’s Blade Trilogy Michael R. Miller

Dragon Prince Darnuir is unconcerned with the harm he inflicts on his unstable allies in the fight against the Shadow. He believes he is invincible until his deadly wounds place a dangerous reincarnation spell, leaving a helpless infant in human hands.
After twenty years, the devil’s strength is ready to be unleashed on the planet. When an alliance of mankind, dragons, and fairies crumbles, Darnuir must unite his disparate races to survive, uncovering the secrets of his past, seeking atonement for their sins. Darnuir is the only one who can achieve this. He is the last of the royal family, and he is the only one who can wield a dragon blade.

4. Forest Kingdom Series by Simon R. Green

Throughout his life, Prince Rupert was filled with pride at the heroic actions of his royal forefathers. But, finally, when Rupert begins on his heroic adventure, he discovers that the minstrels’ songs are lacking in many ways.
Rupert gets disillusioned with the mythology as he chases down mythological dragons besieged by demons and journeys through the cursed dark forest with an intelligent unicorn. But, even if he succeeds, he is at risk. Because the king never planned for his heir to return from this foolish mission.
Now, with the help of a few unusual allies, Rupert must create a story as he manipulates assassins to stop the never-ending spread of Darkwood and fight rumors of the return of a powerful evil.

3. Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton

Tooth and Claw is a sentimental Victorian story in which all of the characters eat one another. When the Dragon Chief dies, his children gather to consume his remains as part of an inheritance rite.
The disagreement between the brothers and sisters is reignited when the greedy son-in-law helps himself at the request of his adored father. Tooth and Claws are influenced by Anthony Trolloff’s novels, is captivating fantasy revenge that has generated waves in politics and romance.

2. Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

The prince’s body is discovered in a kingdom where humans and dragons coexist in vain, with all indications that the dragon will be killed. Seraphina, a gifted young court musician, is caught up in a mystery. She does, however, have a secret. She is, in fact, a half-dragon!

1. Temeraire series by Naomi Novik

As courageous soldiers rise into the sky to protect Britain, air combat adds a thrilling new dimension to the Napoleonic Wars……not on a plane, but on the magnificent back of a battling dragon. Fate strikes HMS Reliant’s commander when she seizes a French frigate and seizes her valuable cargo, an unhatched dragon egg.

Will Lawrence’s journey begins with marine life and ends with an uncertain future and unexpected connection with some of the most odd species. Arriving as the Dragon Lord Temerara into the unusual realm of the Air Force, he must go through a clash procedure in the daring tactics.

This is probably one of the best dragon books all time.

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