Printable List Of Tony Hillerman Books In Order

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Tony Hillerman Book Checklist PDF

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Tony Hillerman Books In Order Printable List PDF

Tony Hillerman Books In Order

Leaphorn & Chee Series In Order

  1. The Blessing Way (1970)
  2. Dance Hall of the Dead (1973)
  3. Listening Woman (1978)
  4. People of Darkness (1980)
  5. The Dark Wind (1982)
  6. The Ghostway (1984)
  7. Skinwalkers (1986)
  8. A Thief of Time (1988)
  9. Talking God (1989)
  10. Coyote Waits (1990)
  11. Sacred Clowns (1992)
  12. The Fallen Man (1996)
  13. The First Eagle (1998)
  14. Hunting Badger (1999)
  15. The Wailing Wind (2002)
  16. The Sinister Pig (2003)
  17. Skeleton Man (2004)
  18. The Shape Shifter (2006)
  19. Spider Woman’s Daughter (2013) (By Anne Hillerman)
  20. Rock with Wings (2015) (By Anne Hillerman)
  21. Song of the Lion (2017) (By Anne Hillerman)
  22. Cave of Bones (2018) (By Anne Hillerman)
  23. The Tale Teller (2019) (By Anne Hillerman)
  24. Stargazer (2021) (By Anne Hillerman)
  25. The Sacred Bridge (2024) (By Anne Hillerman)
  26. The Way of the Bear (2024) (By Anne Hillerman)
  27. Untitled Leaphorn and Chee #27 (Expected: April 23, 2024) (By Anne Hillerman)

Standalone Novels

  1. The Fly on the Wall (1971)
  2. Finding Moon (1995)

Short Story Collections

  1. The Best of the West (1991)
  2. The Mysterious West (1994)

Children’s Books

  1. The Boy Who Made Dragonfly (1972)
  2. Buster Mesquite’s Cowboy Band (2001)

Non-Fiction Books

  1. The Great Taos Bank Robbery and Other Indian Country Affairs (1973)
  2. New Mexico, Rio Grande, and Other Essays (1975)
  3. The Spell of New Mexico (1976)
  4. Tony Hillerman’s Indian Country Map and Guide (1987)
  5. Indian Country (1987) (Out of Print)
  6. Talking Mysteries: A Conversation with Tony Hillerman (1991)
  7. Hillerman Country (1991) (With Barney Hillerman) (Out of Print)
  8. Seldom Disappointed (2001)
  9. Kilroy Was There (2004)


  1. The Perfect Murder (1991) (Out of Print)
  2. 2nd Culprit (1993) (Out of Print)
  3. The Oxford Book of American Detective Stories (1996)
  4. A Century of Great Suspense Stories (2001)
  5. A New Omnibus of Crime (2005)

Summary of Tony Hillerman Books In Order By Series(Leaphorn & Chee Series)

we will be covering first 15 books summary of the Leaphorn & Chee Series.

The Blessing Way (1970)

Dance Hall of the Dead (1973)

Listening Woman (1978)

People of Darkness (1980)

The Dark Wind (1982)

The Ghostway (1984)

Skinwalkers (1986)

A Thief of Time (1988)

Talking God (1989)

Coyote Waits (1990)

Sacred Clowns (1992)

The Fallen Man (1996)

The First Eagle (1998)

Hunting Badger (1999)

The Wailing Wind (2002)

About Tony Hillerman

Tony Hillerman, born on May 27, 1925, was a distinguished American author renowned for his detective novels and nonfiction works. He is most acclaimed for his mystery novels featuring Navajo Nation Police officers Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee. Many of his novels have been adapted into theatrical and television movies.

Hillerman’s upbringing in Sacred Heart, Oklahoma, shaped his unique perspective on Native Americans, fostering a portrayal of them in his writing that differed significantly from his contemporaries.

Before becoming a successful author, Hillerman served in World War II, earning several prestigious military honors, including the Silver Star, the Bronze Star Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, and a Purple Heart. After the war, he attended the University of Oklahoma, where he met his future wife, Marie Unzner, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism in 1948.

Hillerman’s career as a journalist eventually led him to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he found inspiration for his iconic Navajo detective series. His novels are known for their vivid cultural details, highlighting the traditions and landscapes of the American Southwest.

His mystery novels often feature the Navajo Nation Police officers Leaphorn and Chee, and his breakout novel, “Skinwalkers,” marked a significant increase in his popularity. Hillerman acknowledged the influence of British-born Australian author Arthur W. Upfield, whose novels about Australian Aborigines inspired Hillerman’s portrayal of Native American culture.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to literature, Hillerman received numerous awards, including the Edgar Award, the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière, and the Agatha Award. He also held an Honorary Doctorate of Literature from the University of New Mexico and the Owen Wister Award for “Outstanding Contributions to the American West.”

Tony Hillerman’s work not only entertained but also provided readers with a deeper understanding of the American Southwest, its indigenous people, and the mysteries that unfolded in that enchanting landscape. His legacy endures through his compelling novels and the enduring impact he had on the mystery genre. He died on October 26, 2008.

FAQ – Tony Hillerman Books In Order

Q: What makes Tony Hillerman’s books unique?
A: Hillerman’s books are notable for their cultural details, providing insight into the traditions and landscapes of the American Southwest, especially Navajo culture. He emphasized the interconnectedness of people and their environment.

Q: What are some of Tony Hillerman’s most famous novels?
A: Some of Hillerman’s most famous novels include “The Blessing Way,” “Dance Hall of the Dead,” “Skinwalkers,” and “A Thief of Time.” These novels are highly regarded for their intricate mysteries and cultural richness.

Q: Are there any adaptations of Tony Hillerman’s books in movies or TV shows?
A: Yes, several of Hillerman’s works have been adapted into theatrical and television movies, bringing his captivating mysteries to the screen.

Q: Where can I start if I want to read Tony Hillerman’s books?
A: If you’re new to Tony Hillerman’s work, you might consider beginning with his first Navajo series novel, “The Blessing Way,” and then exploring other novels featuring Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee, such as “Skinwalkers” or “A Thief of Time.” In short, just follow the list mentioned in this article.

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