Stephen King Books in order Printable list (PDF)

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You must have come across Stephen King at least once if you are into reading books. Stephen King is an amazing storyteller. King has a vast career. As of today, King has written more than 60+ novels.

King’s earliest classics are great. For example, Carrie, Salem’s Lot, The Dead Zone, etc are great novels to get started reading King’s book.

In this article, we will see Stephen king’s Books in order printable list. So, let’s get started.

Stephen King Book Checklist PDF

As of 2024, That was all the Stephen King book checklist.

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Stephen King Books in order

2.’Salem’s Lot(1975)
3.The Shining(1977)
5.The Stand(1978)
6.The Long Walk(1979)
7.The Dead Zone(1979)
11.The Running Man(1982)
12.The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger(1982)
14.Pet Sematary(1983)
15.Cycle of the Werewolf(1983)
16.The Talisman(1984)
17.The Eyes of the Dragon(1984)
20.The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three(1987)
22.The Tommyknockers(1987)
23.The Dark Half(1989)
24.The Stand(1990)
25.The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands(1991)
26.Needful Things(1991)
27.Gerald’s Game(1992)
28.Dolores Claiborne(1992)
30.Rose Madder(1995)
31.The Green Mile(1996)
33.The Regulators(1996)
34.The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass(1997)
35.Bag of Bones(1998)
36.The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon(1999)
38.Black House(2001)
39.From a Buick 8(2002)
40.The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla(2003)
41.The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah(2004)
42.The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower(2004)
43.The Colorado Kid(2005)
45.Lisey’s Story(2006)
47.Duma Key(2008)
48.Under the Dome(2009)
50.The Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole(2012)
52.Doctor Sleep(2013)
53.Mr. Mercedes(2014)
55.Finders Keepers(2015)
56.End of Watch(2016)
57.Gwendy’s Button Box(2017)
58.Sleeping Beauties(2017)
59.The Outsider(2018)
61.The Institute(2019)
63.Billy Summers(2021)
64. Gwendy’s Final Task(2021)

Famous Stephen King books

From more than 60+ novels with a lot of short stories here are some of the famous books from Stephen King:


Carrie is the first horror novel written by Stephen king. The story starts with a girl named Carry, who is bullied in school. But with telekinetic powers, Carry was able to take revenge and the way she took the revenge is unforgettable. This classic of Stephen King is a must-read.

2.It: A Novel

The story continues with an evil entity named It where seven children fight against this dark force. This force wakes every 27 years and does all the evils that it can do. The seven children who fought with It 27 years ago, can they be able to fight with it after 27 years later? With more than 1000 pages this book has some great horror scenes which will stay with the readers for a long time.

3.’Salem’s Lot

Ben, a writer, goes to his childhood place named Jerusalem’s lot. Ben found Marsten House to the most interesting and that’s where the story of horror began. The vampires of this book are scary enough to scare you. This book is one of the horror classics written by Stephen King.

4.The Green Mile

The story continues in the Mile. Paul Edgecombe who is in the charge of the Mile sees unexpected things when he interacts with Coffey, who is convicted to kill 2 girls. If you have seen the green mile movie, I would still suggest you check the book. The way it is written is really good.

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5.The Shining

The shining is the third published novel by Stephen king. The story begins with Jack, his wife, and Danny(Jack’s son) . When Jack gets a winter job in Overlook hotel he accepts the job and moves his family there.

Danny, Jack’s son, has some superpowers. He has the ability to know what’s going on in other people’s minds. That’s when the interesting part comes in. Soon, he came to know about the hotel and its past. He came to know unnatural and evil forces that are going around in the hotel.

6.The Dead Zone

Johnny Smith awakens from a coma after 5 years. After awakening from a coma, he realizes he has got some special powers. He can read people’s future and past history, whenever he touches them.
One day when he shakes his hand with a politician he comes to know about the nuclear disaster the politician will going to make in the future. This makes him worried. Will he be able to change the future? Will he be able to stop the politician? To know the story, you must check out the book.

7.The Mist

David and his son are in a grocery store alongside some other people when abruptly mist fall of in the whole city. Very soon, everything outside the grocery store gets disappeared and start to get destroyed. That’s how the story goes on and there is also a movie of this novel. The movie got a lot of praise from people to people.


The story starts with Paul Sheldon who is a great writer. Paul is rescued by one of his fans, named Annie when he faces an accident. Afterward, Annie takes care of Paul. Annie could not believe in her eyes when she gets to know that Paul killed one of her favorite characters from his book series. There are some scary tweaks and situations you will face in this book. So, I do not want to reveal all to spoil your reading.

9.Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption

Perhaps, you have seen the movie of The Shawshank redemption. Like the movie, the book is also worth reading. You will definitely feel good after reading the book. In case you do not know the synopsis of The Shawshank Redemption here is the story:
Andry Dufresne is convicted for the murder of her wife. The conviction was falsely accused, and andy goes to jail without actually committing any crime. Andy becomes an unorthodox prisoner there and he tried to get out of jail from day 1. Somehow one day he manages to get out of jail. How? Well, I cannot tell you that because it will spoil the story. But it is done in an amazing way. This story can teach you how hard work, consistency, patience can change your life.

10.The Stand

This story is really fascinating. The story is based on a biological weapon that kills a lot of the population of the earth. In the meantime, the survivors try to fight with it. Then? This is one of the best Stephen king’s books you should read.

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