Agatha Raisin Books in Order Printable List

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Agatha Raisin is the fictional protagonist of a series of mystery novels by M.C. Beaton. The novels follow Agatha as she resigns from her successful career in public relations and relocates to the idyllic Cotswolds, where she sets up shop as a private detective.

Through her cases, Agatha comes to know the quaint villages and colorful characters of the Cotswolds intimately and uses her quick wit and sharp skills of observation to solve murders that have left the police baffled. The series began in 1992 with Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death and has since grown to include more than 20 novels, with new installments still being published today.


Mc Beaton Agatha Raisin Books in Order

1The Quiche of Death1992
2The Vicious Vet1993
3The Potted Gardener1994
4The Walkers of Dembley1995
5The Murderous Marriage1996
6The Terrible Tourist1997
7The Wellspring of Death1998
8The Wizard of Evesham1999
9The Witch of Wyckhadden1999
10The Fairies of Fryfam2000
11The Love from Hell2001
12The Day the Floods Came2002
13The Case of the Curious Curate2003
14The Haunted House2003
15The Deadly Dance2004
16The Perfect Paragon2005
17Love, Lies and Liquor2006
18Kissing Christmas Goodbye2007
19A Spoonful of Poison2008
20There Goes the Bride2009
21The Busy Body2010
22As The Pig Turns2011
23Hiss and Hers2012
24Christmas Crumble2012
25Something Borrowed, Someone Dead2013
26The Blood of an Englishman2014
27Agatha’s First Case2015
28Dishing the Dirt2015
29Pushing up Daisies2016
30The Witches’ Tree2017
31The Dead Ringer2018
32Beating about the Bush2019
33Hot to Trot2020
34Down the Hatch2021

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