Barbara Freethy Printable Book List In Chronological Order

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Barbara Freethy Book Checklist PDF

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Barbara Freethy Books In Order Printable List PDF

Barbara Freethy Books In Order

Taken/Deception Series In Order

  1. Played(2006)
  2. Taken(2006)

Sanders Brothers Series In Order

  1. Silent Run(2008)
  2. Silent Fall(2008)

Angel’s Bay Series In Order

  1. Suddenly One Summer(2009)
  2. On Shadow Beach(2010)
  3. In Shelter Cove(2010)
  4. At Hidden Falls(2011)
  5. Garden of Secrets(2011)

Wish Series In Order

  1. A Secret Wish(2011)
  2. Just A Wish Away(2012)
  3. When Wishes Collide(2012)

River Rock Series In Order

  1. The Way Back Home(2012)

Callaways Series In Order

  1. On a Night Like This(2012)
  2. So This Is Love(2013)
  3. Falling for a Stranger(2013)
  4. Between Now and Forever(2013)
  5. Nobody But You(2013)
  6. All a Heart Needs(2014)
  7. That Summer Night(2014)
  8. When Shadows Fall(2014)
  9. Somewhere Only We Know(2015)
  10. If I Didn’t Know Better(2015)
  11. Tender is the Night(2016)
  12. Take Me Home(2016)
  13. Closer To You(2016)
  14. Once You’re Mine(2017)
  15. Can’t Let Go(2017)
  16. Secrets We Keep(2018)

Bachelors & Bridesmaids Series In Order

  1. Kiss Me Forever(2014)
  2. Steal My Heart(2014)
  3. All Your Loving(2014)
  4. Before I Do(2015)
  5. Falling Into You(2015)
  6. Forever Starts Tonight(2017)
  7. Dreaming of You(2019)

Lightning Strikes Series In Order

  1. Beautiful Storm(2015)
  2. Lightning Lingers(2016)
  3. Summer Rain(2016)

7 Brides For 7 Brothers Series In Order

  1. Luke(2016)

Off The Grid: FBI Series In Order

  1. Perilous Trust(2017)
  2. Reckless Whisper(2018)
  3. Desperate Play(2018)
  4. Elusive Promise(2018)
  5. Dangerous Choice(2019)
  6. Ruthless Cross(2019)
  7. Critical Doubt(2020)
  8. Fearless Pursuit(2020)
  9. Daring Deception(2021)
  10. Risky Bargain(2021)
  11. Perfect Target(2023)
  12. Fatal Betrayal(2023)

7 Brides For 7 Soldiers

  1. Ryder(2017)

Whisper Lake Series In Order

  1. Always With Me(2019)
  2. My Wildest Dream(2019)
  3. Can’t Fight The Moonlight(2020)
  4. Just One Kiss(2020)
  5. If We Never Met(2021)
  6. Tangled Up In You(2023)
  7. Next Time I Fall(2023)

Standalone Novels

  1. Promise of Marriage(1990)
  2. Hometown Hero(1991)
  3. Two to Tango(1992)
  4. The Right Man For Loving(1992)
  5. To the Rescue(1993)
  6. The Man Behind The Magic(1993)
  7. A Man Like Jake(1994)
  8. Daniel’s Gift(1996)
  9. Ryan’s Return(1996)
  10. Ask Mariah(1997)
  11. One True Love(1998)
  12. The Sweetest Thing(1999)
  13. Almost Home(2000)
  14. Just the Way You Are(2000)
  15. Some Kind of Wonderful(2001)
  16. Love Will Find a Way(2002)
  17. Summer Secrets(2003)
  18. Golden Lies(2004)
  19. The Cuzzian Horse(2004)
  20. All She Ever Wanted(2004)
  21. Don’t Say a Word(2005)
  22. Patrick Michael O’Reilly’s 13th Summer(2007)
  23. Sweet Somethings(2017)
  24. All the Pretty People(2023)
  25. Last One to Know(2023)
  26. The Other Emily(2023)

About Barbara Freethy

Barbara Freethy is a highly successful American author known for her works in women’s fiction, contemporary romance, and romantic suspense. Born in California, she has achieved remarkable recognition in the literary world. Freethy is a two-time recipient of the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA Award. She first won the award in 1997 for “Daniel’s Gift” and later in 2013 for “The Way Back Home.”

Freethy’s literary prowess is evident in her impressive sales record, with over 5 million books sold throughout her career. A remarkable 18 of her books have graced the New York Times bestseller list, attesting to her widespread appeal and storytelling skill. Notably, in 2014, she earned the distinction of being named the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Bestselling Author of All Time.

Educated in Communications at UC Santa Barbara, Freethy initially worked in public relations before embarking on her writing journey. She started her writing career with novels published by renowned publishing houses such as Silhouette Romance, Harper Collins, Penguin, and Simon and Schuster. In 2011, she ventured into self-publishing, reissuing her backlist titles and introducing new works. Her strategic approach of releasing multiple books each year and maintaining a consistent brand has been pivotal to her immense success.

Barbara Freethy’s contributions to the literary world have not only garnered critical acclaim but also challenged traditional publishing norms, making her a prominent figure in the evolving landscape of self-publishing and author entrepreneurship.

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