12 of the Best Email Marketing Books

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Email marketing is a powerful way to stay in touch with your audience and build relationships. Email marketing books can help you in learning email marketing strategy, running an email marketing campaign, and eventually mastering online marketing. Here are 12 of the best titles about email marketing, including many that have helped me grow my audience and make more sales!

Best Books On Email Marketing

1. Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business by Susan Gunelius

Small business owners can learn how to increase revenue by leveraging email marketing with this Ultimate Guide. This instructional book explains how to offer freebies to inspire people to sign up for your mailing list, set up successful conversion funnels to drive sales, and leverage list segmentation to target the right audience for each message. Topics also include analyzing email list performance with key metrics and using automation and personalization to save time while creating strong customer relationships. With helpful email marketing sales funnel techniques, this book is one of the best email marketing books in the market.

2. E-Mail Marketing For Dummies by John Arnold

Looking to jumpstart your e-mail marketing efforts? This new edition of E-Mail Marketing For Dummies is packed with practical advice and tips for maximizing your success. Learn how to develop achievable objectives, create attention-grabbing messages, and track your results. Plus, get insights into the latest trends in social media and mobile devices that can help you target your campaigns more effectively. Don’t miss out on this essential resource!

3. The Email Lifeline by Anik Singal

Would you like to know how to build your very first email list the easy way, without any complicated research or planning? The Email Lifeline is a book that will teach you how to do just that. You will learn how to start building your list right away, without any hassle.

An email list is not rocket science, and often you only need a few valuable pieces of advice to see the first results. This book will help you with that, but also help you choose the right products and services to promote and earn as an affiliate. So why wait? Get started today with The Email Lifeline!

4. Email Marketing Rules by Chad S. White

Chad White is an email marketer and is known to be one of the best email marketing experts. He gained popularity through Twitter and is now a manager at Litmus, which has been around since 2005. The company lets him analyze thousands of emails from other marketers. His book, Email Marketing Rules, contains a lot of information about how to build an email list and makes it easy for readers who want to get started right away without all the theory.

5. The New Email Revolution by Robert W. Bly

Do you spend hours every week reading and responding to email? If so, The New Email Revolution is for you. Robert W. Bly shows you how to create templates that will save you time, choose the right wording for your emails, and get more done in less time. With this book in hand, you’ll be able to take control of your inbox and reclaim hours of your day!

You’ll learn when it’s legal and not legal to send email to people you don’t know, and how to measure the deliverability, bounce rate, open rate, and response rate of every message. Plus, you’ll get tips for writing clearer, more engaging copy that persuades recipients to act.

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6. Holistic Email Marketing by Kath Pay

Kath Pay’s Holistic Email Marketing is your key to success in email marketing! This comprehensive guide provides you with everything you need to know about crafting engaging email content that will capture your customers’ attention and motivate them to take action. With advice on developing strategies and tactics, as well as helpful tips on how to apply a scientific method to testing, you’ll be able to create email campaigns that are truly successful.

7. Email Persuasion by Ian Brodie

If you’re looking to take your email marketing efforts up a notch, look no further than Email Persuasion. Written by Ian Brodie – an expert in the field – this book is packed with insights and email marketing techniques that will help you create successful email campaigns that generate real results. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been at it for a while, this book has something to offer everyone who wants to improve their email marketing skills.

8. Email Marketing Mastery by Tom Corson-Knowles

This book is perfect for business owners. Tom Corson-Knowles, the author knows the ins and outs of email marketing, and in this book, he’ll share his secrets with you. You’ll learn how to start small and simple, then grow your campaign to reach more people than ever before. With Email Marketing Mastery, you can learn how to target your message for maximum impact and see real results from your efforts!

9. Master the Essentials of Email Marketing Analytics by Himanshu Sharma

Looking to take your email marketing campaigns to the next level? Master the Essentials of Email Marketing Analytics and gain a deeper understanding of how to measure and optimize your efforts. With clear instruction from expert Himanshu Sharma, you’ll learn how to use data-driven insights to create more effective campaigns that resonate with your audience. Don’t miss out – order your copy today!

10. 300 Email Marketing Tips by Meera Kothand

300 Email Marketing Tips by Meera Kothand gives you everything you need to know about email marketing so you can get started right away, even if you’re a beginner. You’ll learn how branding and email marketing are intertwined, what your welcome email should include, and how to create an editorial calendar. If you’re struggling with any particular aspect of email marketing, this book has the answer for you. This is the number 10 of the best email marketing books.

11. Digital Minds by WSI

Digital Minds is your guide to the latest digital marketing trends. With 14 chapters from top industry experts, this book will show you how to stay ahead of the competition with strategies like web design, marketing automation, eCommerce, SEO and more. So whether you’re just starting out in digital marketing or looking for new ways to evolve your strategy, Digital Minds has you covered!

12. Integrated Digital Marketing by Eric Carlin

Are you having trouble integrating your digital marketing across different platforms? Well, look no further! Integrated Digital Marketing by Eric Carlin is here to teach you how to create an effective and cohesive strategy that will increase awareness, consideration and conversions. You’ll learn how to review your competition and build an integrated plan specific to your brand, followed by 200 tips on acquiring traffic and converting customers. With a real-life example to show you how it’s done, this book is a must-have for any business looking to improve their online presence.

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