11 Best Christian Books on Depression

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Are you looking for books that will help you fight depression? In this post, we will go through top Christian books on depression and anxiety.

Books give you a broad perspective of life. There are plenty of books out there for every topic. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose a good book which will actually help you in a daily basis.

Depression is not easy to overcome.  There are several things you can try when you feel depressed. Reading books could be one of them. This is a list of the best Christian books on overcoming anxiety and depression. Let’s get started…

Best Christian Books on Depression:

1. unJoy: Hope and Help for 7 Million Christians with Depression by Len Lantz MD

The number of Christians suffering from depression is staggering. There are 7 million people in the US alone who experience this illness every year, and if we add worldwide figures together then it becomes clear just how serious a problem with mental health can be- especially when most sufferers do not seek treatment and continue to suffer without getting better treatment. That’s where this book comes in.

Dr. Len Lantz, one of America’s top psychiatrists, has written this in-depth book about depression. This book offers both encouragement and practical advice for those struggling with depression.

There are 3 main chapters in the book. In the first chapter, you will find an easy-to-read overview of the depression problem, discussing different aspects of depression, its connection with anxiety, anger, and the reasons for depression.

The second chapter goes through some effective treatments that can help to make a difference.

The last chapter will teach you to be prepared for a positive change. You will learn about treatment plans, measuring depression, overcoming depression through bibliotherapy, Hospital-Based Treatments, and much more.

Depression is a real problem and many Christians experience it on a regular basis. It’s very important to face this problem instead of living with it. So, if you are suffering from depression opt for this book. With its vast source of information, this book can be a valuable resource for you.

2. When Life Hurts by Jimmy Evans, Frank Martin, Chris Hodges

We all encounter depression in our lives, however, not many of us realize how to manage it appropriately. The more we experience pain and depression the more we feel frustrated.

In this book, Jimmy Evans tells readers about dealing with negative thoughts. You will also learn more about forgiving others. Finally, this book will help you discover your true happiness in life.

3. When People Are Big and God Is Small by Edward T. Welch

So, you care a lot about what other people say about you. And this makes you hate your life. If this is the case, this book is right for you.
We are surrounded by people. Of course, they influence us a lot. Welch, the author of this book, tells about the true nature of God vs our characteristics. And he has emphasized God’s gloriousness as well as how other people is our first hindrance of the way of escaping fear.

4. I Changed My Mind by Jimmy Evans

Jimmy has emphasized changing our minds in this book. Because thinking can change our life completely.

Only becoming a Christian will not going to solve all your problems. There will be ups and downs in life. Everyone has to face failure in their life. But with only changing our minds we can change the direction of our life and that is the main theme of this book.

5. You Are Free by Rebekah Lyons

In the book, Rebekah Lyons takes you through her way of releasing stress and reveal the peace and harmony that is offered to us through Jesus Christ.

Often A lot of us measures ourself by only hearing people’s opinion. According to Christ, you are free. The book further discusses overcoming the exhaustion of others, discovering the strength to start something again, burning superficial masks.

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6. Spiritual Depression by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

It is one of the best Christian books on depression. This book is incredible. The book finds out the reasons for the ill-feeling that many Christians experience. This book emphasizes spiritual health. Written by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Spiritual Depression is one of the greatest books to get rid of depression and anxiety.

7. Depression by Edward T. Welch

Depression is not a happy experience. It can harm your mental health deeply. So, getting out of depression can be hard. But if you keep faith in god new hope can be found, and this could lead you to become a happy Christian Again. The book conveys Christain gospels and with the hope of giving new desire to the individuals who struggle.

8. Defiant Joy by Stasi Eldredge

Bible says “Always be Joyful”. Sometimes this can sound stupid and far off. How do you live a life with expectant and unwavering hope? In this book, best-selling author, Stashi Eldredge tells the best way to choose a joy that remains against the worldly problem we face. This book will help you to resist life’s biggest problems, experience real joy, and find new aspects of your life.

9. When I Don’t Desire God by John Piper

Do you want to rediscover the soul fulfillment glory of God? Then it is the perfect book for you. We can find joy in Jesus and this could be so deep beyond our imagination. John Piper has talked about exactly this thing in this book. All Christians should experience joy and happiness in life. This book has the perfect guideline to do it.

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10. Running Scared by Edward T. Welch

In this release, Welch will take you to the root of fear in the human spirit and the classification of living in the grips of anxiety and worry. Bible is full of beautiful words and it can give hope to the most fearful person in the world. That’s why Welch has emphasized reading the bible more and more in this book. “Running Scared” will give you new hope in life. It will give you a guide to live your life with peace and sound and a complete introduction on the subject of fear, worry.

11. Shame Interrupted by Edward T. Welch

Shame controls many of us. It can make one feel worthless, inferior, rejected. We know what it feels like.But God really cares for the shamed. This book will make you understand that God loves every Christian. You will discover that there is nothing to be embarrassed about and you should not feel guilty about your differences.


That was my top 11 best Christian books on anxiety and depression. If you are going through anxiety or depression reading one of those books is a must. The above following books will give you practical advice on mental health problems from a Christian perspective. This could open a new world for you. Eventually, you will be able to find joy in your life by overcoming depression, mental health issues. So yes, you should definitely try one of the books listed above. This can change your whole life.

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