Best Dean Koontz Books of All Time | Recommended Books For Dean Koontz Fans

Dean Ray Koontz is an American bestselling author. Throughout his long career, Dean has written a lot of novels. His novels are mainly suspense thrillers but he also adds science fiction, mystery, horror to his novels. As, there is a lot of novels I have deducted a lot of good novels written by Dean Koontz including Whisper, despite the fact it’s considered a breakthrough novel of Dean Koontz career. So, it’s a little bit hard to choose the right book. However, here are the best dean Koontz books list recommended for the Dean Koontz fans.

Best Books Written by Dean Koontz:

1. Watchers

When Travis Cornell at his lowest point of life, he explores a canyon close to his home. Out of nowhere, he experiences 2 animals, One was a dog and the other was a creature named the outsider. The animals were modified by genetic engineering. Later, Travis took the dog with him, and soon Travis with his dog rescue Nora, A 30-year-old recluse who has lived with her Aunt since she was a child. Thus the story takes place.

The Watchers is a book with multiple characters and the plot is very interesting. I can guarantee once you start reading, it will be hard for you to stop reading.

2. Intensity 

One day, Chyna Shepherd, who is a twenty-six-year-old graduate student, stays at her friend’s house. She found a murderous sociopath there in the house whose mission is to killing everyone inside. When Chyna got out of the house her only mission was to save the other innocent victim the killer is going to execute soon… She uses every single clue and resource to save the girl from the sociopath.

3. Life Expectancy

When Jimmy Tock’s grandfather dies he comes into the world. Jimmy’s grandfather makes some predictions when he was born. One of the predictions was like this, Jimmy will have five dark days in his life, he will have to suffer those days if he does not take any preparation.

At first Jimmy’s father Rudy did not heed any attention to those predictions. But when he finds out that some predictions like the birth time, height, and weight of Jimmy matches he becomes stunned.

The predictions soon become real. What would be the five darkest days in Jimmy’s life? What he will have to face? Well, You will have to read the book to find the mystery…

4. Lightning

On a stormy night, Laura Shane was born. Meanwhile, Laura was just saved from a fatal delivery from a guy no one knows. Thus, the unknown stranger guy saved Laura from the situation. After some years, the guy comes again into Laura’s life to save Laura from a tragedy. Who was the guy? Why he was saving Laura from her difficult situations? Was he a devil or an angel?

5. Velocity

Billy Wiles is just an ordinary man who leads a life of a recluse. One day, he finds a piece of paper that was actually a threat. The note was just like this “If you don’t take this note to the police . . . I will kill a lovely blond schoolteacher. . . . If you do . . . I will instead kill an elderly woman active in charity work. You have six hours to decide. The choice is yours.”

He thought that would be a jock someone did so he did not pay any attention to the note at first. But soon he gets to know about a murder that was executed the same way that notes were written. This makes billy worried. He struggles to save the other women. And this time it is clear to him it’s not a joke.

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6. Phantoms

Jenny and Lisa are two sisters, Once they were returning to Snowfield California located in a ski area of the mountains. But they found something unexpected there, not something usual. They found dead human bodies in the town. After getting to know more and more mysterious things about the town, Jenny somehow manages to call the police from another town. It left everyone shocked when they get to know the real truth about the dead bodies.

7. From the Corner of His Eye

Bartholomew Lampion comes to the world with different eyes, which his family found the most beautiful eyes they have ever experienced. When he was born, far away from where Barty was born, a stranger has an enmity with Bartholomew. Bartholomew tries hard to find his enemy. Furthermore, a girl is born from a rape assault. The stranger and the girl are somehow linked to Barty. Barty lost his eye at age three but he gets back his eyes when he was thirteen. But how does he get back his eyesight? What is the mystery behind this?

8. Strangers

A group of strangers from different backgrounds were brought together. They had nothing similar among them. But what made them brought together? They were chosen and could not escape from the trap. Against all odds, they somehow manage to get rid of the situation.

9. False Memory

Ahriman uses hypnosis to his patients to make them doing anything he likes. It could be murder, sex, suicide, and so on. He claims he is doing all this to make the world a better place. Thus he makes people doing crime and evil things. But eventually, Dr. Ahriman got killed one of his patients. What was the reason that the doctor himself got killed?

10. Mr. Murder

Martin Stillwater lives a happy life with his family. On a fine day Alfie, who is actually is killer, finds about Martin. He thinks Martin has stolen his happiness and loving family. Alfie uses power to take Marties life. What connection does Alfie have with Martie? Will he be able to take Marties life?

11. The Husband

Mitch is an owner of a business company. One day, Mitch gets a call from a kidnapper. The kidnapper kidnaps Mitch’s wife and ask Mitch to give him two million dollars. Otherwise, Mitch’s wife would be killed. Mitch loves his wife more than his life. Therefore he tries his heart and soul to save his wife from the kidnapper.

12. Night Chills

On a fine vacation, a man named Widower Paul Annendale takes his children to a town of Black Water. They did not know the town was for a new experiment. Oldgen Salsbury, who is a scientist who has developed a technique that is related to subliminal advertising. He starts the experiment for the townspeople to gain complete control of someone’s mind who is in the town. When Paul gets to know about this, he immediately stops Oldgen .

Without a doubt, ‘Night Chills’ by Dean Koontz is definitely one of the most disturbing books you will read and the character of this book is very entertaining as well.

13. Demon Seed

Susan Harris faces unexpected things in her own house. An AI(Artificial Intelligence) seizes Susan’s mansion with the motto of knowing about human flesh. If you love science fiction books then you must check out this book.

14. The Bad Place 

When Frank Pollard wakes up from sleep he found himself in an alley in a dangerous situation. This happens to him repeatedly. Every time he wakes something unexpected happens to Frank. As horrifically described, this book will give you a lot of insight into human emotions and a good ending.

15. Devoted

Devoted is one of Dean’s latest works. The story starts with Woody Bookman. Woody hasn’t spoken a word in a long time. Not when his father and mother died. Woody thinks a monster is behind his father and mother’s death. Woody’s fear takes shape. He can feel a malicious man is coming towards him to do the worst of him.


That was the list of all the best Dean Koontz books of all time. I hope now you have some idea about the best dean Koontz book ever.

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