12 Dystopian Books Like the Hunger Games | Best Books to Read Like Hunger Games

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After Suzanne Collins released the Hunger Games trilogy, the world went crazy for Katniss Everdeen, the main protagonist of the sci fi series. Katniss Everdeen’s dystopian adventure in Panem makes the trilogy great.

The moment each book came out from the book series, the books became immediate bestsellers. Later, The movie adaptations were also a great addition that helped The Hunger Games to bring an entirely new group of fans.

So, what if you have finished all three books plus the movie and want something as addictive as The Hunger Games. Well, in this post, we will be going through 12 dystopian books similar to hunger games.

Best Books to Read Like Hunger Games

12. Red Rising series by Pierce Brown

Darrow is a Red, the lowest caste in a futuristic nation that uses color to exploit its people violently. He and his coworkers are mining heavily to make the Mars surface suitable for others. They thought so, too!

However, he quickly discovers that his people have lied horribly. In the end, they are naive slaves of a cruel dictatorship attempting to keep them in line.

Faced with this new reality and fueled by a desire for revenge, Darrow enters the famed lab. He faces other opponents in a violent trial to defeat his primary antagonist here, in an actual battle royale.

11. #MurderTrending series by Gretchen McNeil

Welcome to the near future, when law-abiding individuals can see the executions of some of the most notorious convicted criminals. The Postman is being streamed live via the Suburban Prison Island Alcatraz 2.0 app.

When Di Guerrera, 17, wakes up in the fog and finds herself on a dark warehouse floor, she understands she is about to become the application’s next victim. It’s one thing to know that violent criminals are testing their narcotics in this location, but Dee succumbs to the awful crimes she didn’t do and refused to die. Can Dee and her newly formed squad, Death Row’s Breakfast Club, establish her innocence before she is executed in public? Or will The Postman’s gang of executioners murder them one by one? It’s one of the best books like hunger games for adults.

10. Delirium series by Lauren Oliver

The US government has announced a new epidemic in a gloomy dystopian future. The Disease? Love. They persuaded society that love is harmful and must be avoided and destroyed at all costs by intense psychological training of all citizens. One approach to do this is to ensure that everyone gets “treated” when they reach adulthood. And now, as her 18th birthday approaches, Lena is excited about what’s to come. She can’t wait to live a life that is healed, predictable, and secure. But, instead, she witnessed her mother’s life being ruined by her love, and she will do everything she can to prevent the same fate.

However, Lena meets Alex, a mysterious boy from the wild forest. He’s not like anyone she’s ever met before. He is liberated from the crushing gaze of the government. Her world is now fast-changing. Alex demonstrates to her that love isn’t an illness after all. It is the essence of life and existence, and it is worthwhile to fight for.

But she is in an illegal reality with Alex, and she must decide if she will give up her future for her forbidden love.

9. The Maze Runner by James Dashner

The Maze Runner is an obvious option for a list of books like both hunger games and divergent. The story starts like this: Thomas came in Glade in the form of a box. He has no idea of his origins or identity. He finds himself in the company of a group of teenage guys (there are no grownups or girls in Glade!) and is confused. The Glade is enclosed by a massive concrete wall, with just one exit.

Glade is encircled by a massive and hazardous maze.

Every day, the wall opens, allowing the gladers to enter the Maze, searching for a way out. The Maze, on the other hand, is teeming with Grievers, nasty and lethal animals. The gladers were unable to escape the Maze despite being imprisoned for two years, and many lads died in the process.

8. Shadows of Sherwood By Kekla Magoon

When her parents go missing, she is left alone. Robyn Loxley, a 12-year-old girl, must take care of herself. Nott City, the town where she grew up, has been taken away by the ruthless Governor Ignomus Crown. For Robyn, the only option is to stay with a gang of strangers, each with a distinct ability to get into trouble after fleeing for her own protection. They accept their outlaw status with elegance, determined to the right the wrongs of the ruthless Crown authority.

Despite this, Robyn isn’t done until she finds out who her actual family members are. Robyn discovers that her fate is intertwined with the fate of Nott City when she assembles evidence from the time they fled. Robyn and her team face a terrible new and hazardous world as they begin a new series with a compelling heroine.

7. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Mare Barrow is a humble Red in a world full of red-blooded people and silver-blooded people. She was assured of what her future held. But, her world is turned upside down when she discovers red blood and a hidden gift generally reserved for Silvers and elites.

What will the Silver ruling class do to keep her secrets hidden from the increasingly furious Red population and the Scarlet Guard revolutionaries? How do they intend for Mare to use her newfound power to forever transform casting, kingdom, and the world?

6. Matched by Ally Condie

On her 17th birthday, Cassia meets her Match. The world tells her he’s the ideal match for her life. But He’s not.

In Cassia’s society, officials choose who loves their loved ones. How many children do they have? Where do they are working? When they pass away and so on.

Cassia, on the other hand, is determined to make her own decisions after discovering that she is fascinated by a different boy. Then her entire world begins to fall apart.

5. Flicker and Mist by Mary G. Thompson

Myra, as a part-Flickerkin, keeps half of herself behind the death threat from the Plats, who are suspicious of someone who can vanish at will. When things go wrong in the city, it looks that those who go invisible are to blame, and Myra’s world crumbles despite her best efforts; as the two sides clash, it becomes clear that one side must triumph over the other, leaving Myra fighting for her life both within her thoughts and on the streets. In the midst of her love affair hanging in the balance, and its future in her community on the line, Myra must decide whether staying hidden is the best tactic for avoiding being discovered.

4. S. T. A. G. S. by M. A. Bennett

Greer can’t pass up the opportunity to improve her depressingly low position by accepting an invitation from the elite of her new school to join them for an exciting weekend of hunting or shooting and fishing. Greer quickly understands that this isn’t going to be a typical weekend of fun when she arrives at Henry de Warlencourt’s estate.

 The invitation made no mention of the group’s activities, which included hunting, shooting, and fishing, but it turns out that it is not the invitees. Then Greer must survive the weekend by depending on her own wits as she figures out the game plan that lies beneath Henry and his colleagues’ nasty game.

For those familiar with works such as The Hunger Games, consider what it would be like if the dystopian fiction were set in current England, with the British government playing the role of the protagonist’s peer group.

3. The Girl Who Dared to Think by Bella Forrest

Liana Castell’s dystopian, creepy world is ruled by The Tower, a device implanted in her skull that monitors every thought she has. To keep humanity’s devotion to The Tower unwavering, the device has been built.

The higher the wristband’s score, the more submissive her brain is to her thoughts. When her thoughts are influenced by her powerful rulers, her score will be lower. Her score of just four, which is the lowest possible before the terrible consequences begin, has reduced the water considerably. Drug treatment is given to threes, twos are placed in isolation, and the ones are permanently exiled.

Other people in her immediate vicinity, such as her parents, can also keep up. They’re so influenced by the Tower’s perceived importance as a defender of humanity that they consistently achieve perfect scores often.

Liana, on the other hand, is determined about her refusal to give up, even if it means risking her life, and she refuses to let that stop her. The roots of resentment continue to grow deep within the intestines. It’s impossible for her to maintain a high score as an instructor overseer. The nightmare begins when she gets three.

2. Divergent by Veronica Roth

Beatrice Prior is a Chicago resident. It’s not, however, the version we’ve come to know from the twenty-first century. There are five distinct factions in Beatrice’s dystopian world society, each dedicated to practicing a specific virtue. Candor is sincere and selfish, Dauntless is brave, Amity is peaceful, and Erudite is intelligent.

Every year, every 16-year-old in the world must choose which side they will devote their lives to for the rest of their lives. They can’t back out of their decision once they’ve made it. Beatrice, like many other teenagers who are faced with a choice, is undecided. Should she stay with her family at home? Or does she flee from everything she’s known to find her own truth and be who she truly is on the inside?

1. Uglies series Scott Westerfeld

Tally is getting close to turning 16, and she cannot wait. She’ll have an operation in a few weeks that will transform her from an ugly and repulsive person to a stunningly beautiful woman. As a beautiful, she will be thrust into a high-tech world where her sole purpose is to have fun.

Tally’s new pal Shay, on the other hand, isn’t sure she’s ready to be beautiful. Tally learns about an entirely new aspect of the beautiful world if Shay goes missing and it isn’t pretty. Tally has the option of either finding her friend and surrendering her or not turning out to be pretty in the first place, according to the authorities. Tally’s decision will have far-reaching consequences in her life.


That was the list of dystopian books like the hunger games series. If you are one of the hunger games fans then you will surely enjoy the book recommendations listed here. Happy reading.

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