Elin Hilderbrand Books In Order Printable List

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Elin Hilderbrand Book Checklist PDF

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Elin Hilderbrand Books In Order Printable List PDF

Elin Hilderbrand Books In Order

Nantucket Series In Order

  1. A Summer Affair (2008)
  2. The Castaways (2009)
  3. The Perfect Couple (2018)

Winter Series In Order

  1. Winter Street (2014)
  2. Winter Stroll (2015)
  3. Winter Storms (2016)
  4. Winter Solstice (2017)

Paradise Series In Order

  1. Winter in Paradise (2018)
  2. What Happens in Paradise (2019)
  3. Troubles in Paradise (2020)

28 Summers In Order

  1. 28 Summers (2020)
  2. The Sixth Wedding (2021) (Short Story)

Standalone Novels

  1. The Beach Club (2000)
  2. Nantucket Nights (2002)
  3. Summer People (2003)
  4. The Blue Bistro (2005)
  5. The Love Season (2006)
  6. Barefoot (2007)
  7. The Island (2010)
  8. Silver Girl (2011)
  9. Summerland (2012)
  10. Beautiful Day (2013)
  11. The Matchmaker (2014)
  12. The Rumor (2015)
  13. Here’s to Us (2016)
  14. The Identicals (2017)
  15. Summer of ’69 (2019)
  16. Golden Girl (2021)
  17. The Hotel Nantucket (2023)
  18. The Five-Star Weekend (2023)

Short Stories & Collection

  1. The Surfing Lesson (2013)
  2. The Tailgate (2014)
  3. Endless Summer Short Story Collection (2023)


  1. Reunion Beach (2021)

10 Best Elin Hilderbrand Books To Read

Winter Street

Winter in Paradise

Here’s to Us

The Matchmaker

The Blue Bistro

The Island

The Castaways

The Identicals

A Summer Affair

The Beach Club

About Elin Hilderbrand

Elin Hilderbrand is a prominent American author, renowned for her compelling romance novels that often transport readers to the picturesque setting of Nantucket Island, where she resides. Her novels have earned her the title “the queen of beach reads,” as declared by New York magazine in 2019.

Hilderbrand’s journey began in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, where she was born and raised. She holds a degree from Johns Hopkins University and honed her writing skills as a teaching and writing fellow at the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Her deep connection to summers on Cape Cod, with memories of playing on the beach and swimming to the offshore wooden raft, shaped her love for coastal settings. Tragically, her father’s plane crash when she was sixteen marked a turning point in her life.

In 1993, Hilderbrand made a life-changing move to Nantucket, where she initially worked as “the classified ads girl” at a local newspaper before embarking on her writing career.

She has authored a collection of novels that have captivated readers, including “28 Summers,” “The Perfect Couple,” and “Golden Girl.” Ellen Pompeo is collaborating with ABC to adapt Hilderbrand’s “Paradise Trilogy” into a television series.

Hilderbrand’s personal life has also influenced her writing, including her experiences with marriage, motherhood, and her courageous battle with breast cancer. Her ability to infuse her novels with relatable human experiences has endeared her to readers worldwide.

Elin Hilderbrand’s body of work continues to grow, providing readers with captivating stories set against the backdrop of picturesque coastal settings, making her a beloved figure in the world of contemporary romance literature.

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