How to Make Books Minecraft? | 4 steps to make a book in Minecraft

Making Books on Minecraft is pretty straight forward. But at the same time, it can be tricky. Once you have the materials to make a book you are good to go..

You need to have the materials down below to make a book:

  • 3 SugerCane(to turn them to 3 paper)
  • 1 leather

Steps to Make Books in Minecraft

1.Collect 3 Sugarcane

collect sugarcane

Collect 3 sugarcane to craft paper.

2.Kill a cow

kill a cow

Kill a cow to get the leather for paper.

Now, you have the materials to make a book in Minecraft(3 sugarcane and a leather).

3.Take the 3 sugarcanes on the crafting table 

make paper

Take the 3 sugarcanes in the crafting table and turn the 3 sugarcanes into 3 papers.

4.Take 3 papers and 1 lather on the crafting table

make a book in minecraft

Turn the 3 papers and 1 lather into a book.

There you go, You Got the book

Pretty simple, right? Well, that’s how you make a book in Minecraft.

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