Reading on iPad vs Kindle | Which one to buy in 2024 | Pros and Cons

Buying a reading device could be one of the best decisions you have made in your life. But before that, you should know which one is right for you. Reading on iPad vs Kindle is one of the most popular ways.

When it comes to choosing Kindle vs iPad for reading books, a lot of questions may arise. Both products are really good. Both products have their own pros and cons.

Using an iPad or Kindle depends on what you want to read and how you want to read it. After reading the article you will have a broad understanding of which to buy for your need. So, Let’s get started with the Pros and cons of Kindle vs iPad for reading books…

Reasons Why You should choose kindle for reading books:

Advantages of Amazon Kindle

1.Distraction free

When I used to read eBooks through mobile I faced a lot of distractions. I struggled a lot reading on my mobile phone. It was a very painful experience. As soon as I moved to kindle for reading, I found that I was more concentrated than ever. I could give my full attention. So yes Kindle allows you a distraction-free reading experience.

2.Good for Eyesight

Kindle has an E Ink display which is very friendly for eyesight. It also makes a device feel like paper.

3.Can carry a lot of books

With Amazon Kindle, you can take thousands of books anywhere you want.eBooks you purchase from the kindle store or outside are very short in size. So, it’s no wonder with even 1 GB of storage you can store hundreds of books.

4.Battery life

The Kindle Paperwhite has a great battery life of 28 hours. It does not mean after 28 hours is the exact battery life. Because if you turn off wifi by selecting airplane mode you might have a chance to use kindle for longer than 28 hours.

5.Great display for reading

Kindle has a black and white display for reading. And you can increase the brightness of your screen as you want it.

6.Kindle gives feeling like an actual book

Kindle will give you a feeling of an actual physical book. How? Kindle’s display is very much like paper. You will feel like you are actually touching the papers.


Although not all kindle has the waterproof capability. But you can get this feature on kindle paperwhite, kindle oasis.

8.Kindle is cheaper

Kindle is relatively cheaper than Apple iPad. The basic kindle starts from $79.99.

9.Very lightweight to carry

Kindle is like a couple of ounces. Yes, there has a difference among all of the kindles that are available in the market. But on average the weight is around 6 ounces.

10.Kindle Store

With the kindle store, you can buy a lot of books from different genres. Buying straight from kindle is very convenient.

So far kindle paperwhite is considered to be the best version of kindle. You can buy it from the link below:

Disadvantages of Amazon Kindle:

1.Images are black and white

Kindle does not support colored photos or images. It shows everything in black and white. It might be a bad experience for you if you are trying to read comics or books with lots of colored images.

2.You can’t do much other than reading

Kindle is only made for reading. So, it gives the best reading experience. So, if you try to use “Kindle Browser” or try to see youtube videos on kindle you won’t be able to do it because it does not give you the ability.

3.It is not a physical book

Lastly, how much I brag about kindle does not matter. It is not even close to any physical book. The aroma of the physical book, touching the pages with the hand is only possible in a physical book.

Reasons Why You should choose iPad for reading books:

Advantages of Apple iPad:

1.Books with images

If you are reading any comic and book with a lot of graphic content then iPad is the best option for you. You can actually properly see colored images with your requirements.

2.Access Multiple ebookstores

With an Apple iPad, you can browse through the kindle store, nook, google play books and the list goes on. So, it’s really convenient for anyone. In case, you do not find the preferred book in one store you have the option to check other ebookstores.

3.Taking notes

Taking notes on iPad is way better than on a kindle. You have a lot of options while taking notes.

4.Playing music while reading

On iPad, You can actually play music when you read. Sometimes, listening to relaxing music or white noise becomes necessary to remove the tiredness and keeping more attention to the book.

5.iPad has other advantages

iPad has other advantages like drawing, games,couch-surfing, photographers and the list goes on. We can see other than reading iPad has a lot of benefits. So, buying an iPad is definitely worth it.

So far iPad Mini is considered to be the best version of iPad for reading. You can buy it from the link below:

Disadvantages of Apple’s iPad:

1.It’s heavy

iPad mini is much heavier compared to kindle devices. Apple’s latest version of the iPad is almost 11 ounces.

2.Not good for eyes

iPad has an LCD screen which is not so good for your eyes. Reading for long hours on an iPad could damage your eye.

3.Distractive notification

iPad can give notifications at important times that could hamper your attention.

4.Battery life is relatively few hours

iPad has a battery life of around 10 hours which is comparatively less than a Kindle. Kindle has 3 times better battery life than an iPad.


I think after reading the article now you have an understanding of what device is right for you. But in my opinion, especially for reading books kindle is the best option. Kindle will never disappoint you in your reading journey.

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