Janet Evanovich Books In Order Printable List

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Janet Evanovich Books Checklist

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Janet Evanovich Books In Order Printable List

Janet Evanovich Books In Order

Stephanie Plum Book Series

  1. One for the Money(1994)
  2. Two for the Dough(1996)
  3. Three to Get Deadly(1997)
  4. Four to Score(1998)
  5. High Five(1999)
  6. Hot Six(2000)
  7. Seven Up(2001)
  8. Hard Eight(2002)
  9. Visions of Sugar Plums(2002)
  10. To the Nines(2003)
  11. Ten Big Ones(2004)
  12. Eleven on Top(2005)
  13. Twelve Sharp(2006)
  14. Lean Mean Thirteen(2007)
  15. Plum Lovin’(2007)
  16. Fearless Fourteen(2008)
  17. Plum Lucky(2008)
  18. Plum Spooky(2009)
  19. Finger Lickin’ Fifteen(2009)
  20. Sizzling Sixteen(2009)
  21. Smokin’ Seventeen(2011)
  22. Explosive Eighteen(2011)
  23. Notorious Nineteen(2012)
  24. Takedown Twenty(2013)
  25. Top Secret Twenty-One(2014)
  26. Tricky Twenty-Two(2015)
  27. Turbo Twenty-Three(2016)
  28. Hardcore Twenty-Four(2017)
  29. Look Alive Twenty-Five(2018)
  30. Twisted Twenty-Six(2019)
  31. Fortune and Glory(2020)
  32. Game On(2021)
  33. Going Rogue(2024)
  34. Dirty Thirty(2024)

Stephanie Plum Between the Numbers Series

  1. Visions of Sugar Plums(2002)
  2. Plum Lovin’(2007)
  3. Plum Lucky(2008)
  4. Plum Spooky(2009)

Alexandra Barnaby Series

  1. Metro Girl (2004)
  2. Motor Mouth (2006)
  3. Troublemaker (2007)
  4. Troublemaker 2 (2010)

Culhane Family Series

  1. Love in a Nutshell (2012)
  2. The Husband List (2012)

Elsie Hawkins Series

  1. Back to the Bedroom (1989)
  2. Smitten (1990)
  3. Wife for Hire (1990)
  4. The Rocky Road to Romance (1991)

Full Series

  1. Full House (1981)
  2. Full Tilt (2002)
  3. Full Speed (2003)
  4. Full Blast (2004)
  5. Full Bloom (2005)
  6. Full Scoop (2006)

Gabriella Rose Series

  1. The Recovery Agent (2024)

Cate Madigan Series

  1. Hot Stuff (2007)

Lizzy & Diesel Series

  1. Wicked Appetite (2009)
  2. Wicked Business (2012)
  3. Wicked Charms (2015)

Fox and O’Hare Series

  1. Pros and Cons (2013) (Short Story)
  2. The Heist (2013)
  3. The Chase (2014)
  4. The Shell Game (2014) (Short Story)
  5. The Job (2014)
  6. The Scam (2015)
  7. The Pursuit (2016)
  8. The Big Kahuna (2019)
  9. The Bounty (2021)

Knight and Moon Series

  1. Curious Minds (2016)
  2. Dangerous Minds (2017)

Standalone Novels

  1. Hero at Large (1987)
  2. Thanksgiving (1988)
  3. The Grand Finale (1988)
  4. Manhunt (1988)
  5. Foul Play (1989)
  6. Love Overboard (1989)
  7. Naughty Neighbor (1992)


  1. How I Write: Secrets of a Bestselling Author (2006)


  1. The Plot Thickens (1997)
  2. First Cases, Volume 3(1999)

8 Best Janet Evanovich Books To Read

One for the Money

Four to Score

Hot Six

Hard Eight

High Five

Twelve Sharp

Turbo Twenty-Three

Back to the Bedroom

About Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich, born Janet Schneider on April 22, 1943, is an American author celebrated for her diverse contributions to the literary world. Initially, she embarked on her writing career penning short contemporary romance novels under the pseudonym Steffie Hall. However, she gained widespread recognition through her creation of Stephanie Plum, the central character in a series of contemporary mysteries. Plum, a former lingerie buyer from Trenton, New Jersey, turns to bounty hunting after losing her job, leading to a series of thrilling adventures.

Evanovich’s novels, particularly those featuring Stephanie Plum, consistently achieve top positions on bestseller lists, including The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon. Impressively, her last seventeen Plum novels have debuted at the #1 spot on the NY Times Best Sellers list, with eleven also claiming the top position on the USA Today Best-Selling Books list. Her books have been translated into over 40 languages, with global sales exceeding two hundred million copies.

Janet Evanovich’s early life began in South River, New Jersey, where she was born to a machinist father and a housewife mother. After attending South River High School, she became the first in her family to attend college, enrolling at Douglass College, a part of Rutgers University, to study art.

Evanovich’s transition to writing occurred in her thirties, after years as a housewife and mother. To hone her writing skills, she delved into improv acting, mastering the art of crafting engaging dialog. While initially aspiring to write the Great American Novel, Evanovich turned to romance novels, leading to her eventual success.

She began her romance writing career under the pseudonym Steffie Hall, and in 1987, her debut novel, “Hero at Large,” marked the start of her journey. Transitioning to writing under her own name, she contributed to the Bantam Loveswept series, refining her ability to create compelling characters and infuse humor into her work.

Despite her success in the romance genre, Evanovich’s passion shifted towards writing action sequences rather than explicit romance scenes. This shift paved the way for her to conceive romantic adventure novels characterized by humor, romance, and adventure, firmly grounded in the mystery genre.

Inspired by the film “Midnight Run,” Evanovich’s central character became Stephanie Plum, a bounty hunter. This career choice offered creative freedom, as bounty hunters operate on flexible schedules and don’t adhere to uniforms. Evanovich meticulously researched the profession and the city of Trenton, providing authenticity to her stories.

In 1994, Evanovich introduced readers to Stephanie Plum with her first romantic adventure novel, “One for the Money,” which received critical acclaim. This marked the genesis of a beloved series of mysteries featuring Plum. The success of “One for the Money” was followed by a series of Plum novels, each debuting at number one on the New York Times Best Seller List.

Evanovich’s Plum novels resonate with readers due to their humor, well-drawn characters, and the inclusion of spirited elderly character Grandma Mazur, loosely based on Evanovich’s own relatives.

Beyond the Stephanie Plum series, Evanovich has explored various literary realms. She co-authored novels, created the “Motor” series set in the southern U.S. states, penned standalone romances and adventures, and embarked on collaborative series with fellow authors.

Janet Evanovich’s literary journey is marked by her versatility and keen sense of humor, endearing her to readers worldwide. Her works continue to captivate audiences, ensuring her lasting legacy in the world of literature.

FAQ – Janet Evanovich Books in Order

Q: What is Janet Evanovich’s most famous series?
A: Janet Evanovich’s most famous series is the Stephanie Plum series, which follows the adventures of Stephanie Plum as a bounty hunter. It is celebrated for its humor, romance, and thrilling mysteries.

Q: How many books are in the Stephanie Plum series?
A: As of September 2024, there are 34 books in the Stephanie Plum series.

Q: What is the central character in Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series like?
A: Stephanie Plum is a former lingerie buyer turned bounty hunter. She is known for her humor, relatability, and the mishaps she encounters while solving mysteries.

Q: Has any of Janet Evanovich’s work been adapted into films or TV shows?
A: Yes, her Stephanie Plum series was adapted into a movie titled “One for the Money,” starring Katherine Heigl as Stephanie Plum.

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