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Zombies are most commonly found in horror and fantasy genre works. A zombie is generally a dead body with unusual activities like craving for meat, bloodshed, etc. In this post, I will recommend some best zombie apocalypse books that I have readI will also try to discuss some best zombie apocalypse books series/trilogy.

Top 10 Zombie Books:

10. As The World Dies (Zombie Book Trilogy) by Rhiannon Frater

Katie is getting ready for court the morning the world ends, while housewife Jenni takes care of her family. They are running for their lives from a zombie horde less than two hours later.

Jenni and Katie form a powerful zombie-killing alliance after being thrown together by fate, mowing down zombies while rescuing Jenni’s stepson, Jason, from an infected campsite.

The First Days: As the World Dies is the start of a terrifying trilogy. It’s fast-paced and exciting, and it’s loaded with characters that will steal your heart.

9. Newsflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant

In 2014 we had cured cancer, and the common cold was also defeated. Unfortunately, when the remedy was widely distributed, it was discovered to have a killer side effect. It was popularized as Kellis-Amberlee. Those who were infected with this were transformed into zombies when they died. They didn’t always have to die; they may simply turn.

After 20 years of this incident, Georgia and Shaun Mason, a brother, and sister won a competition to follow a senator on his election trip for President of the United States. Soon they discover the government’s plot, which was not about just the zombies that want to murder them.

Although the book starts very slow, it gets interesting after the half, though.

8. Zone One by Colson Whitehead 

Colson Whitehead’s Zone one encompasses the post-apocalyptic universe, with citizens divided into two groups: the infected and the uninfected, the living and the  dead.

An attempt by the uninfected to establish a society in which an infected population that existed before being thrown out of Zone one (located in Manhattan) is still hiding around their island. A group of citizens, including our protagonist, Mark Spitz, must eliminate the infected settlers, but things don’t always go as planned. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best post-apocalyptic zombie books.

7. Aftertime by Sophie Littlefield

If you like apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic novels, then this book is ideal for you. A lady awakens in a post-apocalyptic world and sets out on a surprisingly dull mission to recover her lost kid. This tale is about the rebirth of an abused/self-abusing ex-alcoholic.

This tale is about Cass Dollar, who tries to discover herself as a zombie but strangely turns back to a human. She then tries to find her daughter Ruthie who has vanished. Cass has to find her daughter in a world filled with zombies.

6. The Girl With All The Gifts

Melanie is a special girl who attends school with a large number of other special children. People worldwide have been affected by a fungus that takes control over people’s brains and turns them into zombies. But what distinguishes Melanie and others like her is that the fungus harmed them in various ways. They still need human flesh, but they can also think, reason, and even love.

There is also a movie named The Girl with All the Gifts that was made based on the book. But I do not prefer watching it, as the book is far better. But if you prefer movies to books, then definitely watch the movie.

5. Cell by Stephen King

We are in the era of cell phones. But What if all of the cell phones on the planet suddenly give out a signal that drives you insane? Discover what happens when a world is turned inside out in this story and how a few survivors strive to figure out what is going on, one of whom is looking for his kid.

A movie was also made with the script of this book, but I did not like the movie at all. It was terrible. The book is much better than the movie. However, I was not very much satisfied with the ending. But overall, The book is Just ‘OK’ but not the best of Stephen King’s.

4. World War Z’ by Max Brooks

This book was adapted into a 2013 movie starring Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos. The movie is good, but I do not think it’s a good idea to compare the movie with the book. It’s because there is a lot of difference between the two. But, despite being different, I am sure you will love both the movie and the book. They are good in their own way. So, both the movie and book are recommended but comparing them would not be a good idea.

3. Autumn Series by David Moody

Autumn is a series that follows a small group of strangers who live in the city and its surrounding areas while attempting to escape the zombie apocalypse. They must regularly shift locations in order to figure out what is going on and what will happen next. Isn’t this just like any other zombie story? No, not exactly. The plot moves as slowly as the crowds of animated corpses. It’s a little sluggish, boring buildup at first, but it quickly becomes really scary and disturbing.

Even without using the word “Z”, Autumn offers a new interpretation of traditional zombie history.No meat, no fast-moving corpses, no bloodshed. Instead, this horrific and frightening romance is filled with infinite coldness and dark horror, combining the mood and tone of George Romero’s iconic Living Dead film with the attitude and perspective after 28 days (and weeks).

2. Monster Island Series by David Wellington

Monster Island has a lot of very wonderful components, yet it all works together. Consider this. A gang of Somali schoolgirls transformed into warriors, a former UN weapons inspector, an undead guy named Gary who appears to be considerably sharper than the average zombie, an ancient mummy… the list goes on. How can all of these aspects fit together in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world? You’ll have to keep reading to find out. This is the first book of the series The Monster Island Trilogy.

1. Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry

Joe Ledger is a Baltimore investigator who has been engaged by the government for a covert operation. He will command a rapid response team to prevent terrorist organizations from launching heinous biological weapons capable of turning regular people into zombies.

But things do not go as planned. Undoubtedly Joe Ledger is very skillful. However, when joe kills the exact same terrorist twice in just one week, then there must be something wrong. To find out, you have to read the book. Patient Zero is the first book in the Joe Ledger series by Jonathan Maberry. It’s one of the best zombie books in recent years.

That is the complete list of the top 10 zombie books of all time.

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