Beverly Lewis Books In Order Printable List

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Barbara Freethy Books in Chronological Order(Printable)

Holly’s Heart series books in order

1Best Friend, Worst Enemy1993
2Secret Summer Dreams1993
3Sealed with a Kiss1993
4The Trouble With Weddings1993
5California Crazy1994
6Second-Best Friend1994
7Good-Bye, Dressel Hills1994
8Straight-A Teacher1994
9No Guys Pact1995
10Little White Lies1995
11Freshman Frenzy1996
12Mystery Letters1996
13Eight is Enough1997
14It’s a Girl Thing2003

Cul-de-sac Kids in Order

Cul-de-sac Kids Series
1The Double Dabble Surprise1993
2The Chicken Pox Panic1995
3The Crazy Christmas Angel Mystery1995
4Frog Power1995
5The Mystery of Case D. Luc1995
6No Grown-ups Allowed1995
7The Stinky Sneakers Mystery1996
8Pickle Pizza1996
9Mailbox Mania1996
10The Mudhole Mystery1997
12The Crabby Cat Caper (Short Story)1997
13Tarantula Toes (Short Story)1997
14Green Gravy1997
15Backyard Bandit Mystery1997
16Tree House Trouble1998
17The Creepy Sleep-Over (Short Story)1998
18The Great TV Turn-Off1998
19Piggy Party1999
20The Granny Game1999
21Mystery Mutt2000
22Big Bad Beans2000
23The Upside-Down Day2000
24The Midnight Mystery2001

Summerhill Secrets series in Order

Summerhill Secrets series
1Whispers Down the Lane1995
2Secret in the Willows1995
3Catch a Falling Star1995
4Night of the Fireflies1995
5A Cry in the Dark1996
6House of Secrets1996
7Echoes in the Wind1997
8Hide Behind the Moon1998
9Windows on the Hill1999
10Shadows Beyond the Gate2000

The Heritage of Lancaster County Series in Order

The Heritage of Lancaster County Series
1The Shunning1997
2The Confession1997
3The Reckoning1998

Girls Only Series in Order

Girls Only Series
1Dreams on Ice1998
2Only the Best1998
3A Perfect Match1999
4Reach for the Stars1999
5Follow the Dream2000
6Better Than Best2000
7Photo Perfect2010
8Star Status2010

Amish country crossroads Series in Order

Amish country crossroads
1The Postcard1999
2The Crossroad1999

Abram’s Daughters Series in Order

Abram’s Daughters Series
1The Covenant2002
2The Betrayal2003
3The Sacrifice2004
4The Prodigal2004
5The Revelation2005

Annie’s People Series in Order

Annie’s People Series
1The Preacher’s Daughter2005
2The Englisher2005
3The Brethren2006

The Courtship of Nellie Fisher Series in Order

The Courtship of Nellie Fisher
1The Parting2007
2The Forbidden2008
3The Longing2008

Seasons of Grace Series in Order

Seasons of Grace Series
1The Secret2009
2The Missing2009
3The Telling2010

The Rose Trilogy Series in Order

The Rose Trilogy Series
1The Thorn2010
2The Judgment2011
3The Mercy2011

Home to Hickory Hollow Series in Order

Home to Hickory Hollow Series
1The Fiddler2012
2The Bridesmaid2012
3The Guardian2013
4The Secret Keeper2013
5The Last Bride2014

Beverly Lewis StandAlone Books

Beverly Lewis StandAlone Book List
1The Sunroom1998
2The Redemption of Sarah Cain2000
3October Song2000
4Child of Mine2014
5The River2014
6The Love Letters2015
7The Photograph2015
8The Atonement2016
9The Wish2016
10The Ebb Tide2017
11The Proving2017
12The Road Home2018
13The First Love2018
14The Tinderbox2019
15The Timepiece2019
16The Stone Wall2020

Beverly Lewis Children’s Book List

Beverly Lewis Children’s Book List
1Cows in the House1998
2Annika’s Secret Wish (Short Story)1999
3Just Like Mama2002
4What is Heaven Like?2006
5In Jesse’s Shoes2007
6What Is God Like?2008

Beverly Lewis Non-Fiction Book List

Beverly Lewis Non-Fiction Book List
1The Beverly Lewis Amish Heritage Cookbook2004
2Amish Prayers2011


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