John Sandford Books In Order Printable List

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John Sandford Book Checklist PDF

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John Sandford Books In Order Printable List PDF

John Sandford Books In Order

The Prey Series

  1. Rules of Prey (1989)
  2. Shadow Prey (1990)
  3. Eyes of Prey (1991)
  4. Silent Prey (1992)
  5. Winter Prey (1993)
  6. Night Prey (1994)
  7. Mind Prey (1995)
  8. Sudden Prey (1996)
  9. Secret Prey (1998)
  10. Certain Prey (1999)
  11. Easy Prey (2000)
  12. Chosen Prey (2001)
  13. Mortal Prey (2002)
  14. Naked Prey (2003)
  15. Hidden Prey (2004)
  16. Broken Prey (2005)
  17. Invisible Prey (2007)
  18. Phantom Prey (2008)
  19. Wicked Prey (2009)
  20. Storm Prey (2010)
  21. Buried Prey (2011)
  22. Stolen Prey (2012)
  23. Silken Prey (2013)
  24. Field of Prey (2014)
  25. Gathering Prey (2015)
  26. Extreme Prey (2016)
  27. Golden Prey (2017)
  28. Twisted Prey (2018)
  29. Neon Prey (2019)
  30. Masked Prey (2020)
  31. Ocean Prey (2021)
  32. Righteous Prey(2023)
  33. Judgment Prey(2023)

The Virgil Flower Series

  1. Dark of the Moon (2004)
  2. Heat Lightning (2008)
  3. Rough Country (2009)
  4. Bad Blood (2010)
  5. Shock Wave (2011)
  6. Mad River (2012)
  7. Storm Front (2013)
  8. Deadline (2014)
  9. Escape Clause (2016)
  10. Deep Freeze (2017)
  11. Holy Ghost (2018)
  12. Bloody Genius (2019)

The Letty Davenport Series

  1. The Investigator (2023)
  2. Dark Angel (2023)

The Kidd Series

  1. The Fool’s Run (1989)
  2. The Empress File (1991)
  3. The Devil’s Code (2000)
  4. The Hanged Man’s Song (2003)

The Singular Menace

  1. Uncaged (With: ) (2014)
  2. Outrage (With: ) (2015)
  3. Rampage (With: ) (2016)

Non-Series Books

  1. The Night Crew (1997)
  2. Dead Watch (2006)
  3. Saturn Run (2015)

6 Best John Sandford Books To Read

The Fool’s Run

The Night Crew

Winter Prey

Rules of Prey

Saturn Run

Dead Watch

About John Sandford

John Sandford is the pseudonym of John Roswell Camp, a highly acclaimed American author known for his best-selling novels and recipient of the Pulitzer Prize. Born on February 23, 1944, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Sandford’s career journey began as a journalist.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in American history and literature and later obtained a master’s in journalism, both from the University of Iowa. Sandford worked as a journalist for several notable publications, including The Miami Herald and The Saint Paul Pioneer Press, where he received Pulitzer Prize recognition for his series of stories on Native American culture and for his compelling series “Life on the Land: an American Farm Family,” during the Midwest farm crisis.

Sandford’s transition into fiction writing came in 1989 when he authored two novels that would lay the foundation for his fame. “The Fool’s Run” marked the start of the “Kidd” series, published under his real name. Simultaneously, “Rules of Prey,” the inaugural installment of the immensely popular “Prey” series featuring the charismatic protagonist Lucas Davenport, was published under the pseudonym John Sandford. As the “Prey” series gained overwhelming popularity, Sandford continued to pen sequels under the name John Sandford.

In addition to the “Prey” series, he introduced the “Virgil Flowers” series in 2007, featuring a character who appeared in some of the “Prey” novels. In 2023, he launched another series centered around Letty Davenport, the daughter of Lucas Davenport from the “Prey” series.

John Sandford’s notable works have cemented his position as a prolific and accomplished fiction writer, captivating readers with his gripping narratives and memorable characters, particularly Lucas Davenport, who evolved from a maverick detective to a United States Marshal over the course of the series. Sandford’s novels have even been adapted into TV movies, further enhancing his reputation in the literary world.

FAQ – John Sandford Books In Order

Q: What is the “Prey” series by John Sandford?
A: The “Prey” series is one of John Sandford’s most acclaimed works, featuring the protagonist Lucas Davenport. It begins with “Rules of Prey” and follows Davenport’s journey from a maverick detective with the Minneapolis Police Department to a United States Marshal. The series is known for its thrilling crime mysteries.

Q: Are there any adaptations of John Sandford’s novels into other media?
A: Yes, some of John Sandford’s novels have been adapted into TV movies. For example, “Mind Prey” was made into a TV movie with Eriq LaSalle portraying Lucas Davenport, and “Certain Prey” was adapted into a movie starring Mark Harmon as Davenport.

Q: Where can I start reading John Sandford’s books?
A: If you’re new to John Sandford’s work, a good place to start is with the “Prey” series, beginning with “Rules of Prey.” This series introduces you to the iconic character Lucas Davenport and offers a thrilling entry point into Sandford’s crime fiction universe.


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