Donna Leon Books In Order Printable List

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Donna Leon Book Checklist PDF

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Donna Leon Books In Order Printable List PDF

Donna Leon Books In Order

Guido Brunetti Series In Order

  1. Death at La Fenice (1992)
  2. Death in a Strange Country (1993)
  3. Dressed for Death / The Anonymous Venetian (1994)
  4. Death and Judgment / Venetian Reckoning (1995)
  5. Acqua Alta / Death in High Water (1996)
  6. Quietly in Their Sleep / The Death of Faith (1997)
  7. A Noble Radiance (1998)
  8. Fatal Remedies (1999)
  9. Friends in High Places (2000)
  10. A Sea of Troubles (2001)
  11. Willful Behaviour (2002)
  12. Uniform Justice (2003)
  13. Doctored Evidence (2004)
  14. Blood from a Stone (2005)
  15. Through a Glass, Darkly (2006)
  16. Suffer the Little Children (2007)
  17. The Girl of His Dreams (2008)
  18. About Face (2009)
  19. A Question of Belief (2010)
  20. Drawing Conclusions (2011)
  21. Beastly Things (2012)
  22. The Golden Egg (2013)
  23. By its Cover (2014)
  24. Falling in Love (2015)
  25. The Waters of Eternal Youth (2016)
  26. Earthly Remains (2017)
  27. The Temptation of Forgiveness (2018)
  28. Unto Us a Son Is Given (2019)
  29. Trace Elements (2020)
  30. Transient Desires (2021)
  31. Give Unto Others (2023)
  32. So Shall You Reap (2023)

Non-Fiction Books

  1. Brunetti’s Cookbook (2009)
  2. Handel’s Bestiary: In Search of Animals in Handel’s Operas (2010)
  3. Venetian Curiosities (2012)
  4. My Venice and Other Essays (2013)
  5. Gondola (2013)
  6. Wandering through Life: A Memoir (2023)

Standalone Novels

  1. The Jewels of Paradise (2012)

5 Best Donna Leon Books To Read

Friends In High Places

Acqua Alta: Another Intriguing Murder Mystery in the Venetian Crime Series

Death at La Fenice

Death in a Strange Country

A Sea of Troubles (2001)

About Donna Leon

Donna Leon, born on September 28, 1942, is an American author renowned for her series of crime novels set in the enchanting backdrop of Venice, Italy, featuring the fictional protagonist Commissario Guido Brunetti. These novels are originally written in English but have been translated into numerous languages, although, interestingly, at Leon’s request, they remain unpublished in Italian.

Born in Montclair, New Jersey, to Catholic parents with strong ties to the Democratic party, Leon grew up in Bloomfield, New Jersey, where her parents emphasized the importance of education. Her journey into writing took an unexpected turn when she was teaching in Iran during the 1978-79 revolution, where her academic pursuits were interrupted. She returned to the United States, working in New York City in advertising.

It was her first visit to Italy that sparked her love affair with the country. Later, Leon became a lecturer in English literature for the University of Maryland University College – Europe in Venice and taught English at an American military base in Italy from 1981 to 1990.

In 2015, after 30 years in Venice, Leon split her time between homes in Switzerland, eventually becoming a Swiss citizen in 2020. Her crime novel writing began when she entered a contest and won after being convinced by a friend to submit a story she had penned.

Leon’s novels delve into the mysteries confronted by police commissioner Guido Brunetti in Venice, offering glimpses into the city’s seamy underbelly and its multifaceted life. Brunetti faces the challenges of reporting to the self-serving Vice-Questore Patta, aided by the insightful Signorina Elettra and the ever-reliable Sergente Vianello. These novels, though not published in Italian, have garnered success worldwide, providing readers with a captivating blend of crime and Venetian culture.

FAQ – Donna Leon Books In Order

Q: How did Donna Leon start her writing career?
A: Donna Leon began her writing career while working in New York City, writing advertising copy. She wrote her first crime novel on a whim, inspired by a scene she thought belonged in such a story. This novel eventually won a writing contest.

Q. Are Donna Leon’s novels published in Italian?
A: No, Donna Leon’s novels have not been published in Italian, despite being translated into numerous other languages.

Q: Why Donna Leon’s novels are not available in Italian?
A: Donna Leon’s novels are not available in Italian by her choice. The author, Donna Leon, has made a deliberate decision to prevent the translation of her novels into Italian.

Q: How can I start reading Donna Leon’s books?
A: You can start with her first novel, “Death at La Fenice,” which introduces Commissario Guido Brunetti and the Venetian setting. From there, you can explore the rich world of her crime novels set in Venice.

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