Five of the Best Android Development books

We know what android is, in fact, a lot of us actually using Android on a daily basis. So, what basically is Android? Well, Android is an operating system just like ios. In fact, nowadays Android Development is now booming. And it is one of the most interesting technologies to learn.

Books are always a great way to learn Android Development. Books give details and in-depth analysis. If you are just starting out with android development you should start with a good book. So, we will discuss the top 15 books of Android Development in this article:

Five of the Best Android Development books

1.Head First Android Development: A Brain-Friendly Guide – by DAVID GRIFFITHS and Dawn Griffiths

I personally have read this book to master android development. In my opinion, I find this book to be one of the best books on Android development. The book is written from the perspective of a beginner. The book uses a lot of images and visual things that will help you understand Android development better.

You can start learning android development from zero knowledge with this book. Starting android studio this book will guide you to know about the basic of basic things about android such as intents, view, view groups, layout, list views, adapters, fragments, and so on.

I highly recommend this book. The book is really written well and you will never feel bored reading technical things.

2.Android App Development For Dummies – by Michael Burton

You probably heard about the dummy series and those books are great. Android App Development For Dummies – by Michael Burton is great reading for a newbie who wants to learn Android Development from the very basics.

This book will take you on some basic and interesting projects. This book is mainly focused on the java language. So, if you are learning android development with Java then it is a must-read.

3.Android Programming for Beginners – by John Horton

If you want to develop android apps with Java then this book is right for you. starting from android API this book will lead you to build UI, using databases with SQLite, using sound and animation in Android apps. And for Java, this book will teach you the basics of Java you need to get started with android development.

You will be able to create your own android apps from scratch after following through with the book. With the vast resources of the book, this book is great for any beginner.

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4. Android Cookbook: Problems and Solutions for Android Developers by Ian F. Darwin

If you already have little knowledge about what is android, java, and other basic knowledge about android then this book is great for you. What this book will offer?

  • Android Layout, UI, and graphical contents
  • Understanding Android’s music, video, and other multimedia capabilities
  • Intro to various Animation frameworks
  • Using databases effectively
  • Restful web services with JSON and other formats
  • Testing

5. Kotlin for Android Developers: Learn Kotlin the easy way while developing an Android App by Antonio Leiva

As we know, kotlin is relatively new in Android Development there are relatively less good books in kotlin than Java.But this book is well written for learning Android with Kotlin.

This book will guide you to learn the basics of kotlin as well as Android Development. You will learn more by example than just theory with this book. So, this book is really practical and you have to follow through with the book to get the most out of this book.

Wrapping Up

Choose any of the book listed above. If you are just a beginner and do not have any idea which book would be best for you, then I highly recommend the first book I listed Head First Android Development: A Brain-Friendly Guide  . It is perhaps, one of the best books at least for me to learn Android Development. There are tons of visual images in the book that will help you remember the most basic android things and also it is well written, well formatted.

After finishing Head First Android Development you should do some Android Projects and afterward you should read more books to learn more.

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