Tami Hoag Books In Order Printable List

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Tami Hoag Book Checklist PDF

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Tami Hoag Books In Order Printable List PDF

Tami Hoag Books In Order

Broussard and Fourcade Series

  1. A Thin Dark Line (1997)
  2. The Boy (2018)
  3. Bad Liar(2023)

Rainbow Chasers Series

  1. Heart of Gold (1990)
  2. Keeping Company (1990)
  3. Reilly’s Return (1990)
  4. Magic (1990)

Kovac and Liska Series

  1. Ashes to Ashes (1999)
  2. Dust to Dust (2000)
  3. Prior Bad Acts / Dead Sky (2006)
  4. The 1st Victim (2013) (Short Story)
  5. The 9th Girl (2013)
  6. The Bitter Season (2016)

Elena Estes Series

  1. Dark Horse (2002)
  2. The Alibi Man (2006)

Deer Lake Series

  1. Night Sins (1995)
  2. Guilty As Sin (1996)

Oak Knoll Series

  1. Deeper Than the Dead (2008)
  2. Secrets to the Grave (2010)
  3. Down the Darkest Road (2011)

Doucet Series

  1. The Restless Heart (1991)
  2. Lucky’s Lady (1992)
  3. Cry Wolf (1993)

Quaid Horses Series

  1. Rumor Has It (1989)
  2. Man of Her Dreams (1989)
  3. Tempestuous (1990)

Standalone Novels

  1. The Trouble with J.J.(1988)
  2. McKnight in Shining Armor (1988)
  3. Mismatch (1989)
  4. Sarah’s Sin (1991)
  5. Heart of Dixie (1991)
  6. Still Waters (1992)
  7. Taken by Storm (1992)
  8. Dark Paradise (1994)
  9. Kill the Messenger (2004)
  10. Cold, Cold Heart (2015)


  1. In Our Dreams (1998)
  2. The Putt at the End of the World (2000)

Tami Hoag Books In Order By Series

Broussard and Fourcade Series

A Thin Dark Line (1997)

The Boy (2018)

Bad Liar(2023)

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Rainbow Chasers Series

Heart of Gold (1990)

Keeping Company (1990)

Reilly’s Return (1990)

Magic (1990)

Kovac and Liska Series

Ashes to Ashes (1999)

Dust to Dust (2000)

Prior Bad Acts / Dead Sky (2006)

The 1st Victim (2013) (Short Story)

The 9th Girl (2013)

The Bitter Season (2016)

Elena Estes Series

Dark Horse (2002)

The Alibi Man (2006)

Deer Lake Series

Night Sins (1995)

Guilty As Sin (1996)

Oak Knoll Series

Deeper Than the Dead (2008)

Secrets to the Grave (2010)

Down the Darkest Road (2011)

Doucet Series

The Restless Heart (1991)

Lucky’s Lady (1992)

Cry Wolf (1993)

Quaid Horses Series

Rumor Has It (1989)

Man of Her Dreams (1989)

Tempestuous (1990)

Standalone Novels

The Trouble with J.J.(1988)

McKnight in Shining Armor (1988)

Mismatch (1989)

Sarah’s Sin (1991)

Heart of Dixie (1991)

Still Waters (1992)

Taken by Storm (1992)

Dark Paradise (1994)

Kill the Messenger (2004)

Cold, Cold Heart (2015)


In Our Dreams (1998)

The Putt at the End of the World (2000)

About Tami Hoag

Tami Hoag, born Tami Mikkelson on January 20, 1959, is a highly acclaimed American novelist celebrated for her contributions to both the romance and thriller genres. Her literary prowess is evidenced by the fact that more than 22 million copies of her books have found their way into the hands of readers.

Hailing from Cresco, Iowa, and raised in Harmony, Minnesota, Hoag’s journey into the world of writing began in her childhood. She developed a deep love for books, recognizing them as a source of endless fascination and entertainment.

After graduating from high school, Hoag ventured into the La Crosse Tribune circulation department. Her career path was far from conventional as she explored roles such as a photographer’s assistant, horse trainer, and seller of designer bathroom accessories. She also experienced a high school romance that led to marriage and divorce with Daniel Hoag.

In 1988, Tami Hoag embarked on her authorial journey, initially crafting category romances for Bantam Books’ Loveswept Line. However, her literary prowess led her to shift her focus towards single-title suspense novels, a transition that yielded thirteen consecutive New York Times bestsellers. Notably, her novel “Night Sins” even became a TV miniseries.

Hoag is not just a solo performer; she’s part of a group known as the “Divas,” alongside authors Eileen Dreyer, Elizabeth Grayson, and Kimberly Cates, who made a similar leap from romance to thrillers. This group offers invaluable support and encouragement to one another.

Beyond the world of literature, Tami Hoag has a passion for horses, often turning to horseback riding as a means to overcome writer’s block. Despite a serious fall that resulted in five broken vertebrae, she made a full recovery and resumed competing in dressage at a national level.

Currently, Tami Hoag resides in Malibu, California, and Wellington, Florida, where she continues to captivate readers with her gripping narratives and versatile storytelling skills. Her journey from a small-town dreamer to a literary sensation is an inspiration to aspiring writers everywhere.

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